Air Conditioner Filter Time

It’s thats time of year when we are switching our air to heat and back to air. It’s also allergy season, and unfortunately corona virus 🦠 season.

This is April 6th 2020 and I have lost track of what day of self quarantine we are on in America. There are many who are still working out in the public because we are “essential”. Many are working from home and there are many who are unable to work. All of us have more time on our hands now. There are no ball games, outings, family cool outs… so it’s a good time to work on projects around the home.

Today is a good day to change your air conditioning filter in your home. If you can not get to town to purchase any and do not have any at home, I have your back.

We are also going to clean the vents as well. Some are easily removable. If yours will come all the way off, remove it and take outside or into your bathtub. Spray it down with a good disinfectant cleaner and soak in tub or spray down with water hose outside. While it’s soaking go and remove your filter.

Okay now after you have removed your air filter you can wipe around where the air filter was and get any build up off of the area the new one will go back in. If you do not have a new air filter, you can vacuum the air filter on both sides. Be sure to vacuum slow and get as much out as you can. Replace the filter back with either your new one or the one you cleaned off.

Back to the cover. If you were not able to remove your vent cover completely, you still need to clean it. Vacuum the cover off really good. After you have vacuumed as much as you can then we will do a deeper clean. This clean will be done rather it’s soaking in tub, outside or still attached. Get an old tooth brush or small brush to clean vents. Trust me it’s way easier on your finders than trying to use a rag. If the vent is still attached make a bucket of hot water with pinesol or antibacterial cleaner. Take your brush and begin scrubbing the vent and flip and do other side. If it’s attached wipe it down really good with dry rag and let dry good before closing it up. If it’s not attached let it stand up and dry in your tub or leave out in the sun.

You can do these steps on all of your vents in your home, not just the filter vent.