Project Fridge Time

Today would be a great day to clean out your fridge.
I did mine yesterday since I have a client today.
We can think by a glance that the fridge is clean.
Oh boy, wait until you start making room for quarantine food supply.
I do not know how human and animal hair gets in a fridge but can I say 🤢 gross.
Start with your freezer.
I use pine sol, hot water, a scrubber sponge and or rag. Move everything out. While your doing this check for freezer burnt food and dispose of that.

Start wiping the top of freezer and side walls. Then begin washing the bottom of freezer. Make sure your water is hot so the sponge or rag won’t stick as easily to frozen build up.

Now time to put it all back in and organize it as best you can.

Next start in fridge. I do my door first and do a shelf at a time. I throw out outdated foods. I wash each shelf and dry with a paper towel. That way it picks up any hair that your rag or sponge won’t get. Seriously am I the only one who finds hair in fridge AGAIN 🤢 YUCK.

Then I go take all my things off top shelf on main area of fridge and wipe top and sides down down as well as shelf. Repeat all steps done with your door items

Oh I also wipe down items as I am putting them back.

You can usually take the plastic or glass out of your fridge shelves and wash in the cracks really good. Use a toothbrush from Dollar store. Always a good item to have in kitchen for such projects.

Take out any drawers and wash under them as well as inside drawers.

Again dry each shelf and drawer with paper towel.

Don’t forget to throw away outdated food items.

I found a lot of pickles in my fridge. It’s like they multiplied lol. I shared with my neighbor.

Next step is get your a step stool or ladder and clean clutter off the top of fridge and wash it really good. Oh FYI I would have new water for this and a new rag or sponge.

Then wipe your sides and front down.

Take your front vent cover off, on bottom of fridge and put in your sink. Scrub it down good and let drip dry.

Put it back on and you have now completed your project of the day.