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You can shop right here on my page. I will be posting my favorite products and my affiliate link with amazon for each product. 😍

I absolutely love Method and Mrs Meyers cleaners. I will post my favorite ones below. Just click on the photo to take you right to the product to purchase.

I love this all purpose cleaner. It smells amazing, really works awesome on grease in the kitchen. I use it in bathrooms and kitchens.

Not a fan of Grapefruit? Here is the cleaner in Lavender.

Antibacterial cleaner is a must for all households. This one is amazing.

I absolutely love their wood cleaner and polish.

Now for a few of my favorites from Mrs Meyers Cleaners

This bundle is perfect!

Let’s talk Vacuum!!! I am a Shark girl all the way. This is the one I use at home and for my business. It’s light weight and easy to travel down the road for my business. I purchase multiple filters, since I vacuum 2-4 homes a day.

This will be my next purchase. I have used my friends and it’s awesome. It has a self cleaning roller. No more digging hair out lol

Here is the mop that is my most favorite of all time mops. I have picked the one with 2 extra refills. It’s nice to have them on hand.

Keep checking back on this page. You never know what you will find!!