Air Conditioner Filter Time

It’s thats time of year when we are switching our air to heat and back to air. It’s also allergy season, and unfortunately corona virus 🦠 season. This is April 6th 2020 and I have lost track of what day of self quarantine we are on in America. There are many who are still working […]

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Project Fridge Time

Today would be a great day to clean out your fridge.I did mine yesterday since I have a client today.We can think by a glance that the fridge is clean.Oh boy, wait until you start making room for quarantine food supply.I do not know how human and animal hair gets in a fridge but can […]

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Shop Here

Looking for amazing cleaning products, cleaning equipment, decor and more? You can shop right here on my page. I will be posting my favorite products and my affiliate link with amazon for each product. 😍 I absolutely love Method and Mrs Meyers cleaners. I will post my favorite ones below. Just click on the photo […]

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A Favorite Product Of Mine

I’m doing a 30 day challenge on blogging. This is day 8. I decided to do today’s blog on my cleaning blog. I absolutely love Method Cleaners. This product is one of my favorites. This will leave your wood furniture, walls, and floors smelling and looking amazing. Y’all can click on the photo to go […]

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2020 New Things

Wow 😳 I haven’t blogged in a long time. I get so focused on the actual cleaning and hiring, I forget to stop and share with y’all. We are up to 22 homes, 2 rental property owners, and a new construction contract. ♥️ I am am seeking wisdom, advice, coaching and God on next steps […]

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Spring Time Spring Cleaning

I’m so excited to see February gone. March means spring is almost here. Spring is a great time to do some Spring cleaning. The very first time I ever heard of such a thing I was in junior high. My neighbor Pat Nigh hired me to help her spring clean. That is how I started […]

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Cleaning Top To Bottom

Most of us walk into a room and see a pile of laundry, dishes or toys and think there is the mess. We hurry to clean it up so we can vacuum and mop. Maybe we run the swifter over the furniture and feel like we have accomplished our goals. But have you ever sit […]

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